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On this website, we have all the recent music and videos from "Foolish Cult", and our plans.

We are a Music Group who want to show case our talent and love of music. To see our other pages, please click the bookmarks down below. Our group has put together some introductions on our Members statements page, which can be located in in the keys down below.

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Do's Intro: Purpose - Belief Who We Are? What is Foolish Cult?
Statement by an E.T. New Music And Website Downloads
Overview of Present Mission
Meet our Members
Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human
Members Statements
To Access Our Book:
How and When FOOLISH CULT May Be Entered

Transcripts of 2 videos
Download Music Here
Our Position Against Suicide
Our Member's Contact Information
How a Member of the K.O.H. Might Appear
Album Art and Alerts
Exit Statements
Dates on Which New Members Enter Foolish Cult
Exit Press Release
More Details:
And important information

How to Download our Music/Summary of our Website

The following materials are available through our website:

One of our correspondents from Virgin Records offered to submit our tracks in FLAC and MP3.

Foolish Cult & Level Above Human All tracks can be downloaded in MP3 and FLAC for those who like high quality music streaming. We will have previews posted on our Album Art and Alerts page. For those who would prefer WAV and AIFF files, please contact us on e-mail.

Album covers and snippets can be viewed online, downloaded or requested through our e-mail.

High quality images can be requested through our e-mail for FREE.

Requests For Materials Can Be Emailed To:   rep@foolishcult.com

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